What is Bulk SMS?

You often hear the terms 'SMS', 'text messaging' and 'texting' however at one2many we understand your message is more than just an SMS. While SMS is the name given to technology used to transmit most one2many messages you should not need to worry about it which is why we prefer the term 'Mobile Messaging'.

Through the use of mobile messaging, one2many provides a cost effective way to instantly communicate with over 95% of the population.

Why use SMS?

Mobile messaging presents many benefits over more traditional methods of communication like phone calls, print advertising and mail drops.

From as little as 6c you can send a personalised message.
Unlike mail and print advertising, SMS utilises existing technology to deliver your message so there is no waste of paper or additional harm to the environment.
Your marketing campaign can be personalised to each customer quickly and easily.
Why wait days for your message to get received? one2many messages are typically received within seconds of being sent. Delivery reports can also be used to find out who successfully received your message.

Other benefits of one2many mobile messaging include:

  • Messages are sent within seconds.
  • Over 90% of all SMS messages are read within seconds of being received.
  • Messages have a much higher chance of actually being read, rather than just thrown away.

This makes mobile messaging the most effective tool and perfect to advertise those impromptu store sales, appointment reminders or even just to say hi.

See for yourself how mobile messaging can improve the way you do business. Sign up for our free trial and receive 0 credits to get you started.