What countries can I send messages to?

one2many can send messages to any mobile handset connected to any Australian or New Zealand network, including all ported numbers.

I do not live in Australia or New Zealand, can I still use your service?

Yes! Provided you have a mobile number in a one2many serviced country, you can sign-up and start sending messages instantly. If you live outside of these areas or do not own a mobile phone, you can contact our friendly support team for an account.

Can I buy credits without using my credit card online?

one2many can accept most credit cards and processes all payments over a connection secured by 128 bit SSL encryption.

If you are unable to make purchases online via credit card, please contact our support staff to arrange an alternative payment method.

Is there a minimum spend?

The minimum number of credits that can be purchased in a single transaction is 250. This limit is imposed due to the charges we incur for processing your payment and ensure that we can continue to deliver you value for money.

Do credits expire?

Purchased credits do not expire. However, one2many reserve the right to delete any account inactive for a period of 12 months or more. Upon account deletion, all unused credit will be forfeited.

All free trial credits are valid for a period of 14 days.

Can I send messages with more than 160 characters?

Yes! one2many supports concatenated messages. Messages over 160 characters are charged at 1 credit for every 153 characters or part thereof, per recipient.

What format can I specify mobile numbers in?

Mobile numbers should ideally be submitted in international format, without the leading '+'. For example 0416 905 005 would become 61416905005. Numbers can also be submitted in local format. Numbers submitted in local format will be converted to international format based on the default country setting of the account.

If using Microsoft Excel to store number databases, ensure that you set the column that holds the numbers to text. Otherwise Microsoft Excel will drop the leading 0, resulting in an invalid number.

I need some additional features. Can you help?

Absolutely! one2many has helped several customers achieve their goals by customising our products to meet their needs. Should you require a feature that does not appear on our extensive list of features contact us and we will work with you to help you meet your needs.

How do I comply with the SPAM act

Under the Spam Act it is illegal to send unsolicited commercial electronic messages. The Spam Act follows three simple rules. (Consent, Identify and Unsubscribe) For more information see Knowledge Base article "SMS Best Practices"

Need more help? Try our knowledge base or contact us for more information.